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Terms and Conditions | BuddyWeb

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. 1. All users of the buddyweb programme must agree to the terms of this user agreement and privacy policy.

  2. 2. You, as the user of the buddyweb software, agree that you are the owner of all computers and devices, or have been authorised by the owner of all devices on which buddyweb software is to be installed.

  3. 3. You, as the user agree to subscribe for one year, with an option to pay a monthly or annual recurring fee for the services of the buddyweb programme to be billed in advance, before the beginning of the service period. Debit or credit cards will be charged in advance of the service, typically one week before the beginning of the next period of service.

  4. 4. You, as the user, agree not to buy and resell the buddyweb program, nor include the buddyweb program as any package which you may sell or market, without written consent of buddyweb.

  5. 5. You, as the user, will provide buddyweb with certain information and with your permission buddyweb will monitor use of the internet on your computer.

  6. 6. You, as the user, agree that all users of your computer and user ID will be informed that monitoring is being performed, and that other users will not have their privacy compromised.

  7. 7. You, as the user may cancel the service at any time by giving notice to buddyweb. Uninstalling buddyweb software does not constitute cancellation of the service. buddyweb reserves the right to cancel service for breach of this contract.

  8. 8. buddyweb will provide a statement to the email address provided in the signup procedure, detailing charges that have been made. In the event of termination by you, charges already processed will not be refunded.

  9. 9. In the event buddyweb receiving a request to verify a username or password, to cancel an account, will be provided upon our judgment that the account holder is the person making such request. It is your responsibility to ensure the security and accuracy of all identification information relating to your account.

  10. 10. buddyweb will protect your privacy concerning any information collected under the terms of this agreement. In acknowledging your agreement with this programme, you have agreed to allow buddyweb to monitor the use of the internet on your computer and to send relevant information to your nominated reviewer.

  11. 11. Information will be retained securely and indefinitely by buddyweb including names, usernames, passwords, billing information, IP addresses, and other account information. buddyweb will never share any information gathered under this contract with any third party unless requested by you, or unless required to do so by a court of law. This information includes all information regarding your internet use, your personal information, your credit card information, or any other information gathered under the terms of this agreement.

  12. 12. Routine maintenance and periodic system repairs, upgrades and reconfigurations, including mechanical or electronic breakdowns may result in temporary impairment or interruption of service.

  13. 13. The security of email messages sent by buddyweb cannot be guaranteed on the internet as information can be intercepted, corrupted, lost, destroyed, arrive late or incomplete, or contain viruses. buddyweb does not accept liability for any errors, omissions or viruses in the contents of emails sent to you or your reviewer which arise as a result of email transmission.

  14. 14. This agreement may be amended by buddyweb from time to time without notification to users. Such amendments may be made either by changes in this agreement on the buddyweb website or by email.